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    homepage_imageIn the ancient Egyptian culture the preservation of life for the afterlife was paramount importance for Pharaohs, scribes, noblemen and royal families. In recent archaeological digs researchers have discovered the mummies of the pyramid builders that were buried on pyramid grounds, which has led researchers to believe these pyramid builders were paid labor and not slaves that was originally thought. The Egyptians practiced their ancient beliefs and medicine to advance their preservation for thousands of years but they didn’t have the medicine that we have today to prevent the aging process of chronic disease states. They were unique, advanced, intelligent, and prosperous to build pyramids and stone temples that has fascinated and intrigued archaeologists and Egyptologists. However, their lifespan was shortened by chronic disease states, catastrophic events, and murders for power.

    Aging GenesIn modern times, we have preventative medicine to preserve youthful aging and prevent chronic disease states. Heart attacks, strokes, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes are the degenerative disease states that can be prevented or delayed in all of us. We have the aging genes some of us age quicker than others and some of us age slower. These aging genes respond to oxidative stress and glycolization of proteins through poor diet, drugs, alcholol, inactivity, and weight gain, along with mental and physical stress. When genes are activated damage occurs at the cellular level and disease states slowly start occurring as we age.

    homepage_image3We at Pyramid Preventative Medicine can help you achieve your highest level of functioning by delaying the aging process and the risk of chronic disease through hormone replacement which restores you to a more youthful state. When hormones are optimized along with nutrition, supplementation and weight management disease states are prevented or delayed. If a 45 year old man goes into see his doctor because he is fatigued, gaining weight and complaining of back pain, and his doctor diagnoses him with adult onset diabetes, obesity and hypertension. Then it is clear that this man developed his diagnoses through poor choices in living along with activation of his aging genes. His prescriptions for medication and the advice to lose weight are not addressing the core of his problems which could have been prevented. What research has shown is that poor lifestyle choices leads to genetic activation of the aging process so a person could be biologically 45 years old but functioning as a 60 year old. Have you ever met someone who is 60 biologically but has the energy, appearance and the body of a 45 year old? This is achievable through lifestyle change and youthful hormone replacement. At Pyramid Preventative Medicine we can evaluate and determine your functioning age through comprehensive testing and make recommendations for lifestyle change so that you can achieve optimal health and vitality. We offer varying levels of consultation and ongoing management services so that you can be a partner in your medical regimen that is directed by Nancy Onyett, FNP-C. We aspire to help you achieve optimal health, optimal functioning and life goals through ongoing assessment and management.

    We can help you improve your energy and physical performance, body composition and strength, complexion and immune function, sexual vitality, blood pressure, cholesterol, and mental sharpness.

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